About Us


About Our Company and Our Philosophy:

Allow me to introduce you to my firm and our services.  I am the principal owner and the lead Professional Engineer for this interdisciplinary firm that provides a comprehensive array of engineering, architectural, and construction services. With more than twenty nine years experience in engineering and construction, and many industry accomplishments, I have established the exacting performance criteria for this well respected firm.  My associates and affiliates include; licensed professional engineers, registered architects, designers and construction project managers.  I am also affiliated with organizations like the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the American Society of Home Inspectors, the National Inspection Service, American Society of Plumbing Engineers, ASHRAE, NFPA and the National Society of Professional Engineers


The firm’s outstanding reputation has been earned by providing professional design services for a wide variety of projects including industrial projects, new and altered residential and commercial buildings. These projects have been completed with respect to all types of engineering, architecture and building alterations. We offer all of the services of a large firm with our own unique blend of attention paid to customer service, detail and a hands-on approach.  We strive for complete customer satisfaction in all aspects of our business.


Our company was founded on the premise that we would provide exceptional service for any project while working with in established budgets and schedules. We provide this service by working as a team that demands excellence from each of its members.We work together with the client to complete the project. When decisions are required we work with the client to make them, as we are all part of the same team. Our success is based on making it easy for the client to bring a project from the initial stages to completion. We are confident, should you involve us in your current or future project, that you will be very satisfied with the end result.


If we can be of any service to you, please do not hesitate to contact us at 718-352-1199